IT'S NOW OR NEVER. Unlimited training for €59,- p.m. *


IT'S NOW OR NEVER. Unlimited training for €59,- p.m.*

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? We help you to feel better than ever! Gustav Gym has different training zones equipped with luxury amenities. The small group lessons in our Studio’s keep on challenging you.

Gustav Gym’s ideology fiercely embraces quality, professionalism and perzonalisation. We never settle and always strive for progression. Choose what suits you best: Personal Training, a customized 12 week program or Free Training. Gustav Gym is high-end fitness with a solution.

Discover how to get access to Gustav Gym and the Studio’s:

At Gustav it’s all about you. We believe personalisation is the power of our service. Your result is what counts. Whether you would like to lose weight, improve your cardio vascular system or build muscle, we will set up a training and nutrition schedule based on your individual needs and goals. Together we will succeed! That’s why we search for balance between efficiency and feasibility.

Our personal trainers support you to maintain a healthy and conscious lifestyle, based on your customized plan. Therefore, some old habits will need to be broken in order to realize the desired change. We strive for long and lasting improvement of your lifestyle!


Gustav Studio’s offer the ultimate challenge to get fit. At Gustav we focus on delivering the best workout experience. No overcrowded groups, but high quality small group classes with personal attention. Our professional trainers are ready to lift your energy to a higher level and teach you to get a balanced mind.

Gustav Gym offers a unique ‘12-week program’ providing you with professional support in training, nutrition and lifestyle. Together with the other participants you work towards your own personal goal. You will get a permanent Personal Trainer, a nutritionist, nutrition seminars and a coach, who will be there for you 24 hours a day. This way we can guarantee the results you want!


Become curious? We would love to welcome you at Gustav Gym to try out all facilities!

We will show you around the gym and answer all questions you may have. Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Or pass by straight away and check in at the reception!

Our day pass costs 25,- If you decide to become a Gustav member, we will deduct that amount from your membership costs!

Enjoy your workout longer and pain free. Not only for dealing with complaints and injuries, but also for preventing them. Do not wait and book an appointment at Gustav Physio.